FINALLY – ExamView works on Lion OS X

After serious trauma trying to run ExamView on Lion OSX as I blogged about here and here, it is finally fixed!  I received an email from eInstruction on Friday stating that “ExamView Assessment Suite v.7.5.1 COMPATIBLE with Mac 10.7”.  Included was a link for a FREE copy of the new ExamView that promised to expire in 10 days.  Of course, I get this email on the way to the BEACH, while I was in the car with no wi-fi to be found anywhere.  Since them I have been too busy hustling around to soccer games and having fun at the beach.  But, I was finally able to steal a bit of time tonight to install the program and see if it worked.  I could just no longer stand it!  And guess what??  It works!  It works!  It works!



EDIT:  The link I used expired in October 2011.  You will need to contact eInstruction customer service via email or eInstruction technical support at 888-333-4988 to get the link.

Good luck!  : )

43 thoughts on “FINALLY – ExamView works on Lion OS X

  1. I have also installed the update and am happy to have it working again. Unfortunately, I can not install new test generators I ordered over the summer. Truthfully, I only need to get at the test banks but can not find those either.

  2. You shouldn’t need to install the Test Generators that you ordered over the summer to get the banks on your computer. Just open the files and copy/paste the banks to get them onto your computer. Then, when you run the new ExamView, you just have to go and find the banks. I have my banks on DropBox so that I can access them from any computer I have ExamView installed on.

  3. Thanks a lot for the link. Now that there’s finally a new version, I can start using ExamView on my Mac again!

  4. Thanks kindly for following up on your original blog post! You were a much more useful source of information about both the dropping of support for PowerPC apps in Lion and the fact that ExamView was still a PowerPC app than either Apple or eInstruction. I’m also a math teacher (high school) with an interest in integrating technology — as well as a Mac user — so I’ll be following you blog. Best of luck!

  5. My question is simply: What happens after 10 days if a user downloads the trial? Won’t Lion users be stuck at that point? This is the one program that is getting in the way of upgrading my wife’s computer to Lion!

    Thanks to all for the info already up here.

  6. @Jeff – the link is not a 10 day trial of the software. I was told that the LINK to download the software would expire in 10 days. I am not sure if the link is a full version of the software or just the “fix” (where you have to have a version of ExamView installed for the fix to be able to run on your computer). And, even though the link was supposed to expire in 10 days, it has not. I downloaded it on my older mac last week! : )

  7. That’s great! I’ve downloaded it, just a couple of questions still:

    1) Can I install this in Snow Leopard first, or should I wait until I’m in Lion?

    2) Will her old data “just be there,” or will I need to do anything to insure a smooth transition for her? (The more transparent I make the experience for her, the better for me!)

    Again, a huge thank you to all. The info here has already proven quite valuable!!!


  8. Hey Jeff – All she needs to do is back up her ExamView data. I only used the Examview Banks and Examview tests. Make a copy of those two folders (you can use a USB drive or upload them to a site like dropbox if you use that). Then, after you install the new program, you can copy those folders back onto her computer. You may not even need to do that, but just in case the upgrade to Lion does not go well it is nice to have. She will be devastated if she loses all of the tests she has created! I would upgrade the Examview first to make sure the link still works and then upgrade to Lion. If the link works and the Lion upgrade messes it up, you can always download it again and re-install. I hope it works out for you!

    • Looks good so far! I haven’t upgraded to her to Lion, but now that it’s on her computer, I see how it will work.

      Another question—does anyone know if there’s a similar fix for the TeacherWorks software from Glencoe?

      Thanks a million for the help already offered!!

  9. Thanks. When I emailed the company yesterday, they said the only way to get an updated version was to contact the textbook company where I originally got their program from.

  10. We’ve been having errors pop up when someone creates a test, saves it, and then tries to re-open it = “Unable to read. The test could not be read from the disk.”

    Also out of memory errors, where the larger bank opens but not the smaller test?


  11. You are lifesavers!! Just updated to Lion knowing that Microsoft Word would need to be updated too but didn’t even think about ExamView! Start of Thanksgiving break and of course I had planned to get a ton of work done so I was completely stressed until I found this page. THANK YOU a million times over!

  12. A few bugs, we seem to have narrowed it down to images, some of our graphics are coming out oddly resized, and when we try to resize them the .tst or .bnk file becomes unreadable.

    After version 7 I wished they added an option to stop converting graphics to .jpg and down sample them, and let us export images as they are esp. our .png images. Grrrrrrr. I miss the old folks at ExamView with their forum for bugs and feature requests.

    Feature: add font control to the top layer controls, I use super and subscripts all the time, would be nice not to have click, click, click to get there.

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    • I just did a search for Examview 5.1 and found it. I also emailed them and they sent me a download link as well. Finally, the publisher of the textbook I am using had a copy. It seems to be easily available now.

  14. Can someone please explain to me why it was so hard to make an updated version available? If they have it, why not make it easy to find instead of hiding it. ugh.

    Thanks to everyone that provided links. I’m ready for 2nd semester (sort of).

  15. HI There.

    Thank you for the info about Examview 7.5.1. I am getting an error message that says, “Invalid Question Bank Format” AND “This is not a valid question bank”.

    This seems odd to me because the banks have the file extension “.bnk”

    Any thoughts…

  16. Still buggy, just had a test go “out of memory” on me, went to the Examview site to look for updates and see version 8 has been announced (only Windows trial posted).

    Hope they fixed the colour switching error, and the not always importing graphics from earlier version, and the weird you have 30 Q on the test but only 27 are visible error, or ….

  17. Thank you for doing the leg work on this. I was suspicious of upgrading to Lion, and then when it came out that all my exam files wouldn’t work, I held off. I am thankful for the link to the patches, and hopefully it will install nicely and work! Thanks again!

    • Thank You,
      I will try contacting them via their web site..
      Class start 1 week from Monday.
      I upgraded from Snow Leopard with out know about the exam view problem

      • It’s a very easy fix once you get the link. I’m sorry this happened so close to school starting. Nothing like a little extra stress this time of year. I still don’t know why they don’t have it in their updates and downloads. Poor service for sure.

  18. I just clicked on the link tonight (cause I just found your site via pinterest) and it doesn’t work. Is there a new link I can use to get it for my Mac? I hate having to carry around the school’s PC just to make tests.


    • Caveat: “The application ExamView Test Generator quit unexpectedly.”
      – version 10.5.8

      I’ve not tried a reboot yet, but I have reset and relaunched, and ExamView keeps quitting “unexpectedly”. Earlier version 5/6 still work, albeit v7 saved tests are not backward compatible, and v7.5 will not launch — tried to uninstall v8, but 7 is still not working… reboot next…

      On a 10.8 machine it worked, but the security preferences had to be turned off to allow the install, seems to work fine, although the install puts the application in your “…HD” directory and not your “Application” directory.

    • Yep, v8 seems to be no go with v10.6.8 – as it has killed v7.5, event after an uninstall and re-install, but works fine with anything 10.7+ :o(

  19. The link I used expired in October 2011. You will need to contact eInstruction customer service via email or eInstruction technical support at 888-333-4988 to get the link. If you get a good link, please post it in the comments to help other. So sorry! Good luck! 🙂

    • I called today and they said I was not eligible for the update and would have to buy it. I just downloaded the v8 link from Carlos above, but it opens as v7.5.
      Also, what version is compatible with which OS? Their website is useless to look up this information. Does v7.5 work with 10.6?10.7?10.8? and does v8 work with ???

  20. My colleague had this problem too. Our school ordered Examview from McGraw Hill so she would have the test banks for her textbook. McGraw Hill does not tell you on their web page for the product that it is version 6.2, which is not compatible with our MacBooks. I emailed McGraw Hill with the ISBN number from the disc and requested that they provide the updated software or give us our money back. Within 3 hours, they sent me an email with a link for the updated software. I haven’t installed it yet, but I have high hopes. Thank you for posting about this!

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