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Blogging is something wonderful that you can do for yourself.  I’m not a great writer and grammar mystifies me.  But that is OK, I write for myself.  I write to brainstorm, to reflect, to hold myself accountable, and especially to remember my past lessons for future years!  When I first started blogging, no one read it, few if any commented.  And that was ok, even better at first, because I didn’t have to worry about an audience.  It was almost like a diary, and it was freeing.  I was writing for me.  

This past year has been tough.  I tweeted much less, I rarely blogged.  And I missed it.  In fact, maybe NOT blogging contributed to this being a tough year?  Blogging takes time, and I didn’t TAKE time for me.  I didn’t MAKE time for me.  I need some ME time.

Carl Oliver gave a keynote, Hitting the Darn ‘Send’ Button at TMC (Twitter Math Camp) last week where he encouraged everyone who is a current tweeter/blogger or is interested in tweeting or blogging to “Just #PushSend“.  All of this talk about blogging inspired me.  And then everything changed with this one tweet from Shelli.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 9.43.37 PM

MS/HS SunFun was a blogging initiative that existed a few years back.  It was fun, and inspiring, but especially helpful to have a weekly prompt!  So YES, it was an amazing idea, and once Shelli suggested it we jumped right on it!  Thankfully Jessica also got all excited and whipped up a logo (actually multiple logos like a logo savant).  We pulled Sam in for logo design suggestions and were soon on our way!

Have you never blogged before?  Are you afraid to blog? ME TOO! Blogging can be scary for everyone.  It can even be tough for long time bloggers to #PushSend.  But blogging has done so much for ME, and I want to help bring that to YOU.   Please know that you are good enough, and that you deserve it.  You should blog for YOU.  Just #PushSend“.

If you would like to blog, but have a hard time coming up with ideas, join us for Sunday Funday blogging!   “Sunday Funday Blogging” is for ALL math peeps out there, elementary, middle school, or high school teachers, math professors, math coaches, math ed students, and anyone that just wants to blog about math!  There will be a new prompt each week!  “Just #PushSend“.

Helpful tips:

  • Submit your blog post (below) by Sunday at 6AM to have your post included in the weekly summary.
  • Tweet out your post!  Use the hashtags #MTBoS (Math Twitter Blogosphere)*, #PushSend and #SundayFunday to get more traffic to your post.  This is especially important if you are new to tweeting because only your followers will see your tweets unless you include a hashtag.
  • Additional Hashtags:  Of course you can always add more hashtags to your Tweet so more people will be exposed to your post!  You can search any keywords to find a hashtag, and here are some of the more popular ones:
    • #ElemMathChat (Elementary Teachers)
    • #MSmathChat (Middle School Teachers)
    • #GeomChat (Geometry)
    • #Alg1Chat
    • #Alg2Chat (Alg2 Teachers)
    • #PreCalcChat
    • #MathChat
  • JUST  #PushSend!  🙂

Submit your post using the form below by Saturday at midnight! Just #PressSend

You can also click here to submit.

New to Blogging?

If you are like, “Wow!  This sounds like so much fun!  I want to blog but don’t know where to start!” then you must read “Mission 1: The Power of the Blog” on the Explore the MTBoS site.

** The hardest thing to do week after week is come up with great prompts.  Please help us out by telling us what you would like to blog about (or even read about) here!

THANK YOU to Shelli, Jessica, Sam, and everyone else that jumped on that thread to help today!

Archive of MS Sunday Funday’s of the past

* The Math Twitters Blogosphere is not an organization.  Rather it refers to ANYONE that is involved in MATH in ANY way!  You do NOT have to Tweet or have a blog!  But, you can find many teachers that do tweet and blog by searching the hashtag #MTBoS on Twitter.  All are welcome, no invitation necessary!  Please join in the conversation!  Just #PushSend!  

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