Everything Algebra 2

If you are going to be teaching Algebra 2, please add yourself to the list below!  I did this when I taught middle school, and it was great!  I even was able to develop a monthly newsletter of resources for those who signed up.  No promises, as I often have much ambition before school starts and then run out of time. But for the first time in two years, I am feeling my old momentum come swinging back!  Hurrah! And thank you all for inspiring me!

I created a shared Google Folder for us to drop our favorite goodies in.  How great will it be to have a place with ALL THE THINGS when we are looking for resources?!  As a community, I know we can do this!

Julie, @jreulbach

Check out the #Alg2Chat hashtag on Twitter starting in September.  We will be meeting Wednesday nights, 9PM EST.  Also, add the #Alg2Chat to any Algebra 2 post you tweet about.  🙂  Let’s bring this back!

NEW – Join Our Mailing List:  We now have an email mailing list to stay connected!  I will only send an email about once a month (or less if I get super busy with school).  If you would like to be added to the email mailing list, please fill out this form.

These are the blogs of the teachers who signed up to connect already.  You can fill out the form at the bottom.  I will add you to the list when I update this page (about twice a month).

180 Algebra 2 Blog
Amy McNabb
Jonathan Schoolcraft
Henri Picciotto
Jonathan klupp
Dylan Kane
Wendy Menard
Shaun Carter
Lisa Winer
Mark Kreie
Andrew Stadel
Trever Reeh
Shai McGowan
Sean Sweeney
Bonnie Davis
Lisa Henry
Brandy Cajudoy
Melissa Allman
Ali Grace Eiland
Tara Daas
Lane Walker
Mary Williams
Matt Baker
Julie Reulbach
Brian Palacios
Lauren Goldfish
Marsha Foshee
Heather Rosson
Nolan Doyle
Jennifer abel
Laurie Hailer
Christie Bradshaw
Robin Mathews
Sara VanDerWerf
Andrew BC
Steve Dull
Suzanne von Oy
Madelyne Bettis
Nate Goza
Jennifer Kelly
Scott Keltner
Kat Glass
Amy Gruen
Meg Craig
Lois Burke
Rachel Fruin
Joanne Crooks
Tom James
Marissa Walczak
Hannah Mesick
Olivia Forman
Tyler Honeycutt

If you teach Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Math 2, or Math 3, please add your blog to the list!

Once added, you can see the other Algebra 2 teachers in this spreadsheet.

2 thoughts on “Everything Algebra 2

  1. I teach an 11th grade ACT prep course for students from the Milwaukee Public Schools. The class is part of a grant which Alverno College received (I am an adjunct professor at this college). We set up blogs for our students in the first semester; but this was my first experience and I struggled. Looking at your 180 Algebra 2 class photos I am thinking that pictures of their classrooms/work done in class/homework/and work in our class might be a good way for my new set of students to learn about blogging! Thanks for the insights!

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