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Check out the fabulous middle school math teachers below!  These teachers believe in the #MTBoS gift culture community as promoted by Dan, Kate, Sam, Fawn, Megan and every other math teaching blogger that I follow.  We all give and share freely on our blogs and at webinars like Global Math.  If you know of (or HAVE) your own fabulous Middle School Math blog and would like to be a part of our community – PLEASE add it to the comments below so I can add you to my page!

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75 thoughts on “Middle School Math Blogs

    • I also am looking forward to following this blog and think the list of fellow bloggers is awesome. Collaboration through social through social media is new to me, but I am already finding it so helpful!

  1. Hi! I just started a blog and my blog is

    I really like your blog and I appreciate you posting other peoples blogs here as well. Also, I enjoy Pinterest as you do…I am Cathy Jeremko on pinterest.

    I am very excited to find other middle school math teachers who would be interested in collaborating on some social media projects next school year!

  2. I’ve been working on building mine recently. The blog is ibreezethroughmath.blogspot.com and I’m currently writing a series on things teachers can do over the summer to make their August/September easier!

  3. I really enjoy your blog! I have found so many awesome resources and strategies. I bought a book from a conference. It is called the Outstanding Math Guide (OMG). It is a book of graphic organizers and how to creatively place them inside of a folder. My had my students create it last year. I realized that it helped bring their state-mandated test scores up.
    I thought that I should share a resource with everyone since I have borrowed so many strategies.

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      • I’m not sure what happened … WordPress deactivated the blog with no explanation. If I did something wrong, I don’t know what it was. I wish that if I had broken some term of agreement that I could know what it was so I can learn from that mistake but wordpress won’t answer my emails.

        I am creating a self-hosted blog … http://instillnessthedancing.com/ for my inspirational writing. Been thinking for some time about separating the blog into 2 since the content is very different.

        So … I’m not sure how to get the word out …
        http://instillnessthedancing.com/ for inspirational reading
        http://algebrasfriend.blogspot.com/ for math

        It will take me a few days to build the content back up on the math one.

      • Julie –
        Wordpress finally contacted me … I included a link (yes, just one!) in my “related links” at the bottom of a post on New Year’s Eve that shut the blog down. It’s restored now. I will create a post there that directs my readers to my new platforms!


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  11. These links don’t appear to be working:
    7th Grade Math Mania
    Awilda’s Daughter
    Fast Times of a Middle School Math Teacher
    Fawn Nguyen
    in stillness dancing => moved to: http://algebrasfriend.blogspot.com/
    Kimberly Howard
    Out Rockin’ Constantly
    Shyra Dawson (would not load)
    Solving Problems

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  15. Thanks for the comprehnsive list! Can you add mine to the list, please?
    Mathematic Fanatic – 6th Grade Math Teacher


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