Equation of a Line Song

Today we recorded the two songs that we have been singing lately.  I made up a slope-intercept song that is sung to the tune of YMCA.  We also did  Sweeney’s “Dance Steps to Solving an Equation”.

For the occasion, I was lucky enough to find a really fun Slope-Intercept form t-shirt.  I even had a pair of primary colored “chalkboard” Converse hi-tops that actually matched my shirt.  Yessss, I was in total “math teacher” mode and loving every minute of it.

I decided to try my hand at iMovie tonight.  It was great fun!  I started the movie with a picture of my students.  The YMCA intro music is rather long so I decided to included the pictures of their finished “Slope Man” projects.  Then, comes all of the action!  Their “Equation of a Line” song and dance!

I will post our version of “Dance Steps to Solving An Equation of a Line” soon!

The Equation of a Line song is sung to the tune of YMCA.  The words are below, watch the movie for the motions.

Y = Mx + B,

Equation of a line!

Y = Mx + B

Puff, puff positive,

Nice negative,

Zero slope

And undefined!

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