Flyswatter Review Game – Powerpoint Template

You’ve got to love ANY game that gets kids JUMPING for math!  This game does just that!  I got the idea from Kate’s blog.  I am a floating teacher, so taping the answers on the board wasn’t practical for me.  Instead, I created a Powerpoint presentation that can move from class to class with me.

How it works:

First, split the students into two teams and arm them with flyswatters.  I taped a line on the floor that they had to stan

d behind.  Then, I put up a powerpoint slide that contains definitions in boxes.  A question pops up at the top of the slide and the first person to “swat” it wins!  In the case of a tie, the swatter on the bottom wins!  This game can move FAST, so I added a pop-up yellow box to indicate the answer after they swat.  This way it is quick.  They love seeing the yellow box pop-up!  You could also put answers to questions in the boxes and put the question at the top.  At the end, I did a “Speed Round” where the answers in the boxes were short so kids could read them quick.  The Speed Round was a blast!

The file is a PPT template with instructions.

Or, you can just download the PPT file (not a template) with instructions.

Happy Swatting!

Update: If you want the actual Geometry Review Game – it’s here!

28 thoughts on “Flyswatter Review Game – Powerpoint Template

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    • I have only done this game for vocab and I let them use their notes and flash cards. The homework the previous night is usually to make flash cards of the vocab in the chapter. If a person misses, the other team has 5 seconds to answer. If both miss, then the flyswatter goes to the next person for the same question. Sometimes it will go through 2-3 people! Mine loved this as it really built the tension and had them searching through their notes for the one or two “crazy” questions I threw in there. I heard kids say, “Let’s study our notes!” Also, we usually go through 3 “rounds” so I tell the kids to pay attention as the questions will be repeated! 🙂

  5. This will be a great review game. Is there any way that you could post as a powerpoint. When I try to download the geometry flyswatter, it is a pdf file that has the answer highlighted already.
    Thank so much!

  6. Really like this activity. I have 32 students…. Does each team have one fly swatter that moves to the next person on the team? Just trying to figure out the logistics to make it work so no one is running over each other or swatting each other 🙂 I can just see the chaos…. Which is sometimes the most fun if no one gets hurt. advise please? Do the teams work together to answer, or is it individual?

    • Went to Kate’s Blog… sorry I didn’t notice that before 🙂 Anyway, I think I have it in my head how I can do it now. Thanks so much for your blog and information!

      • Yes. I have two teams. I line up the chairs so they are sitting in two lines and rotate. Only the swatter is standing up.

        I put tape on the floor that they cannot cross until they are ready to swat their answer. They get one point per correct question, but lose FIVE points if they hit anyone (even on their own team) with the swatter. They are NOT able to help each other, but they can use their notes. Anyone that shouts out an answer loses a point.

        I do really quick questions (usually vocab), so it goes really fast. That way everyone gets several turns, even in a big class.

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