Area Formula Game – Draw It!

My students love this!  And, it gets them up out of their seats.

The students are in two teams, lined up sitting in chairs.  The first person of each team goes to the board with a dry-erase marker in hand.  At the top of the Powerpoint I post a question.  The first person to (legibly) write the answer in their spot wins the point.  I usually play this with Geometry and they draw pictures so I called it “Draw It”.  I think I made this up but I can’t honestly remember.  🙂

This is hard to explain so today I made a video of some of my students playing it.  These amazing students volunteered to come in during their recess to play for me!  Did I mention how much I love 6th grade!  

Draw It Game Video Example on YouTube


The ppt is also on Slideshare.

12 thoughts on “Area Formula Game – Draw It!

  1. So you would say something like, “The next shape will have area 10. Draw it!” Then click the slide to the next one and they have to draw a triangle (or whatever) with area 10?

    • Sorry to all for the short and insufficient explanation. I posted it after Global Math last night and was exhausted. I’ll update it with better directions soon and even try to get a video of the action so you can see how it works. Sorry! Exhaustion is king in May. 🙂

  2. Oooh, I’ll play this game of “guess what tired Julie was trying to explain” and if we all do that, perhaps we’ll come up with some neat variations of the game!

    I envision Julie handing the students at the board a picture-problem and they have to draw it (I guess little more than copy it) quickly so the next ones in line can find the area. Thought I’m not sure what would keep them from looking at their opponent’s drawing to figure it out (although maybe they’re given different dimensions!). Hmm, probably not what she did…

  3. Haha I really like the game! As a math teacher myself, I often try to find ways to mix learning with fun and promote interactive classrooms. Using games is definitely a good way.

    Besides games, I value education technology too. It’s an important part of an interactive classroom. It also makes my life easier. For example, I recently stumbled upon an ed tech tool called ClassroomIQ ( It’s very helpful for grading homework, tests, and assignments. I found it be to really useful and convenient. I now can grade stuff a lot quicker, and my students like “digitally graded” homework more.

    Anyway, keep posting your teaching experience. I really enjoy reading your blog!

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