A New Beginning, Again…

After not teaching for almost ten years I jumped back in mid-year last year, but then right back out again.  Extenuating circumstances prevented me from teaching this year.  It has been difficult (being at home the first week of school about killed me), but I have survived!  This year everything is working out better than I could have ever asked.  It is at times like this when you realize God’s perfect plan really is in place, even if you absolutely could not fathom it before.

I am ecstatic to teach again next year, as in I CAN’T WAIT!!  I am teaching middle school math – which I have never taught before.  I am so excited to not only teach something new, but to teach students as they first encounter algebra.  I hope to not only make them understand mathematics but also to become deeply fascinated by it!  I want to embed in their minds that math is not “hard” and that they can excel at mathematics.

My only problem – I am out of it!  My absentia from teaching coincided directed with the largest internet boon since the internet was developed when I was in college.  I am new to blogging, tweets, wiki’s, and a host of other amazing resources at my disposal.  I am soaking it all up as fast as I can.  I read every blog I can get my hands on.  It is thrilling! 

I feel like I am beginning again – and I am loving it!

What do you think?

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