Learn by DOING takes a lot of work on my part!

I am currently not working.  I will begin in the fall.  I have my books.  I would like to plan as much as possible in advance so that my life won’t be insane next year.  Plus, I will have my three beautiful, crazy, very high maintenance boys home starting June 1st.  I am running out of time!

My problem?  I am trying to change my ratio.  I am trying to incorporate learning by DOING.  This is hard to plan.  Writing down a warm-up, some examples, a few GP’s and a hw assignment?  No problem – it takes no time!  Trying to come up with creative, active, and interesting ways to present math each and every day?  It’s crazy fun but takes so much more time!

So, I spend countless hours trolling the internet, blogs, and Amazon.com for the newest, latest, greatest teaching math methods and books.  But, when it comes right down to it, no matter how many lessons you borrow off of the net, you still have to get them ready all by yourself.  You have to read, understand, edit, and incorporate your material.  You have to make it your own and make the supplies.  You still have to create, for every single lesson, for every single day.  I have yet to find an activity that I can just print off. 

NOW I am seeing why worksheets are so popular!  But still I resist.  I will change my ratio.  I do and I understand, I do and I understand, I do and I understand….

What do you think?

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