Amazing Things to do with Google Docs

I love meeting great teachers who have great ideas!  Today I got some ideas about how to use Google Docs from @msgregson and wanted to get them down here to share with everyone.  I have tagged her as “Gregson Google Goddess”.

  • First Day Information Form – Students go online during class and fill in all of their information.  This is BRILLIANT bc the info that THEY type in goes into your beautiful, sortable, Google Spreadsheet
  • Parent Information Form – Almost the same form as the students.  This way you get the parents preferred email, cell phone, method of contact.  Also, @msgregson said she liked it bc parents could send you info they would not want their child to see on a form they had to fill out and send back via child.
  • Google Powerpoint Presentations – Up to 5 students can work together on one Google Powerpoint presentation simultaneously.  I think this would be a great “teach the class a topic” lesson.
  • Google Spreadsheets – Up to 50 kids can work on a Google spreadsheet simultaneously.  Wow.  I can see them all in class entering their data at the beginning and then being able to instantly start working with the combined data.
  • Google Forms for tests – you cannot put equations or pictures in a google form so she worked around that by making another site with the test, then you just enter the answers on the Google docs.  Great work around.

If you are using Google Docs (or any other amazing technology) in your classrooms, please post it here or to the Math Teacher’s Wiki.  Alternatively, you can email me and I will add it for you.

What do you think?

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