My Sixth Grade Class Sings the Fraction Song

I think that singing is an amazing way to remember something.  My students can do each section of the fractions lesson.  However, when we put it all together, they get it mixed up.  They want to add the denominators when adding because you multiply them together when multiplying.  I wanted to make a fractions song that incorporated addition/subtraction as well as multiplication and division.

There are many fraction songs on the internet that are amazing.  I especially like the “I Will Divide” one that is played to guitar.  It is very creative!  I even found some fraction rap songs online.  However, I did not want an entire fraction “ballad”, just a few short catchy stanzas that would (hopefully) stick in the kids heads.

I have not been my most creative self lately as being a “first year” teacher is taking it’s toll on me this year.  However, I was able to pull together some words to my own fraction song once I decided on a melody.  I used the classic, “Skip To My Lou”.  I like to use the simple melodies that they learned when they were little.  And I like to have repetition.

The Fraction Song
Sung to “Skip To My Lou”

Adding fractions LCD
Equivalent fractions each will be
Denominators stay the same
Numerators add some fame!

Simplify then multiply,
Simplify then multiply.
Times the bottom and the top,
It’s so fun that you can’t stop!

Dividing fractions is so fun!
Keep, Change, Flip the second one.
Simplify THEN mulitiply
Simplify THEN mulitiply

After learning it they wanted to do a “Fraction Parade” around campus, but we were really loud so I had them just parade around the room.  I found a tamborine in the office at school and that just added to the fun!

I made a foldable to go along with the song (Fraction Song Foldable).  I do an example problem on the inside.

26 thoughts on “My Sixth Grade Class Sings the Fraction Song

  1. Okay, I’m officially smitten with your kids and your song. You made me want to teach 6th graders fractions. And considering I teach 12th graders and I am still teaching them fractions and frustrated with it, that’s saying a lot.


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  4. I think this song is a fantastic idea! The kids really seemed to be into learning it, which I think will allow the song as well as the message about fraction operations to stick with them.

  5. Thanks Jessica! It’s been a while since they learned it and the long term benefits have been HUGE. Everytime we work with fractions and they forget, I just start singing the appropriate line of the song. They join in and then go, “ahhhh! I remember!”. It is fabulous!

    • I know from experience that songs do actually work in the classroom, especially if they flow well! I caught myself singing it during one of my math tests and I learned it about 4-5 years ago. I tried finding it for y’all, but there’s so many different versions out there that I had to give up!

  6. I think this is great! I don’t think students should just be taught rules without the underlying understanding of why they do what they do in math, but when it comes down to it, the kids needs to know these rules. This is one way to make sure it’s stuck in their head for awhile. Very creative!

    • Also, I’m curious how you introduced this song in your classroom? How did you get students willing to sing about fractions? And be so excited about it?

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  8. Love this! Anytime we can get kids moving and active they really do remember better. I have my students do the conga when we are learning dividing fractions and we sing “keep it, change it, flip it” while doing the conga around the room. (Keep the first fraction the same, change the division to multiplication and flip the second fraction upside down.)

  9. Hello! I am a math teacher in Mexico. This is my 6th year teaching but my first year teaching math (what I originally studied to do.) I found this entry a couple months ago when i was depressed about many of my students failing a test on fraction operations (all operations together). I was totally inspired the next morning while doing my make up with this song that I will copy below. By the time I got to school I opened up my computer and wrote this song just a few minutes before the bell rang. (5 minutes, I tell you!) It helped to lighten up a dark moment and encourage them to keep trying. Here it is…you can do whatever you want with it. (My students insist that it must be “copyrighted” and they think they helped write it! Personally I know it was the grace of God that inspired me in a depressing moment, haha.)

    To the tune of “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele

    There’s a fire starting in my heart
    I’m going to learn fractions because I am really smart
    Finally four operations give me pride
    Adding, subtracting, multiply, divide

    When adding and subtracting
    I find an LCD
    Then change my numerators
    Easy as can be.

    The tops will change even though the bottoms don’t and when I’m finished… I’ve got to simplifyyyyyyy
    Always simplifyyyyyy….no improper fraaaaactions, and I’m finished, it was easy.

    Finally two operations you will see
    But much easier without an LCD
    First I multiply- just go straight across
    Top then bottom, you’ll find I am the boss.

    But when dividing I’ve got to keep, change, flip
    Or do the candy dance just make sure you don’t trip
    Once I’ve finished multiplying I am almost done
    Just one more step and then finally I’ve won…..

    I’m not afraid, no, I know how to do it, I won’t forget it….I’ve just got to simplifyyyyyyyyyy always simplifyyyyyyyyyyy, no improper fractions. And I did it, it was easy!

    Haha, so cheesy but they love it, especially because I like to sing and try to imitate Adele. We put on the karaoke version on youtube and sing our hearts out. I also want to tell you that I have used your geometry booklet (changed yours to make my own version) and your Pythagorean power point. Thanks for the help and inspiration!

  10. Oh, I forgot to mention that this week I am playing the fly swatter game for geometry! Also, you may not understand the “candy dance.” Sometimes in mexico kids learn to divide fractions without flipping them. They draw lines on the problem and it looks like a piece of candy. Definitely not my preferred way of doing it but some of them really like it and they will get it before or after my class whether I like it or not.

  11. Love your song! I think my 6th graders will go bananas!
    I’m not sure how I don’t know, but what do you mean by “The Rule of Four?”

  12. oh yes and I looked up ”song about fractions” to help me with my math hw and It helped a lot. both songs do. THANKS a lot bc I hav a HUGE week of testing just for math and imneeded to learn how do divide add subtract and multiply fractions. hope I get a good grade!!!!

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