Resource Sites I Love

I’m new to both subjects that I teach this year so it’s “new lesson time” every night at my house – times two.  I love searching the internet for interesting activities so that the lessons will be fun to teach (oh, and interesting for the kids too).  I rely heavily on my Diigo and the Math Teacher Wiki, but tonight, @fouss and @druinok reminded me of a great resource site that I keep forgetting about!  I Love

I Love Math

I Love Math is a great site because teachers can upload their own files and links to share.  These are usually Word, Excel, or Powerpoint documents.  Anyone can join, and it is free to upload and download files.  There are only 25 middle school documents on there, but there are 144 documents for Algebra!

I haven’t made an official file cabinet yet like so many other great bloggers out there.  But, even though I have bookmarked the I Love Math site three separate times in Diigo, I keep forgetting about it.  I wanted to blog about this site so my overworked, overtaxed brain will remember to come back to it again!
If you have any wonderful resource sites that you love, please share the link in the comments.

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