MATHO Review Game – Powerpoint Template

MATHO is a version of Bingo.  It is great for review.  Students work problems and then if they get the problem correct they get to mark off a number on their MATHO board.  First person to get five in a row wins!

I used to play this game all of the time, but had forgotten about it.  When I brought it back, I used technology to make it better!  I put the MATHO board (word document) into a page protector with dry erase makers, and a Powerpoint to make it very easy for me to implement in the classroom.


  1. Pass out MATHO sheets inside page protectors and dry erase markers.
  2. Students pick any one space to be a FREE space.
  3. Students randomly number the remaining blocks 1 – 24.

I put up a problem and students work out the answer on their whiteboards, then show it to me.  If they get the answer correct, they get to mark off the number I call out on their MATHO boards.

For instance:  After the first problem, I call out the number 14.  If they get the problem right then they can mark off 14 on their boards.  I mark off each number on the mini-Matho board in the bottom corner to keep track of the numbers I have called.  This also helps check to see if their numbers are accurate when they call out MATHO.

As usual, about 1/2 way through the class a student calls out MATHO! and gets a prize from the prize pail.  At this time, I have all students erase their entire boards, renumber, and then we start all over.  Before I used the “erasable” MATHO board I would just keep going and say, “next one to get 5 in a row” or “first one to get the whole board” to keep them going.  But, erasing and re-writing the board so you can start all over prevents 6 students from getting MATHO again in 5 minutes at the same time.

Files for MATHO Game:

I am new to Box, so if the link doesn’t work please let me know.

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