Glorious Summer

Summer is here, and it is amazing.  For the first time in my entire teaching career, I am not completely burned out at the end of the year.  As expected, I am exhausted, but still enthused.  In fact, I am excited to do the many educational related things I had labeled #summerlist on Twitter.  I finally have the time to blog about all of the activities that I had taken pictures of all year.  I’m anxious to restructure my lessons.  I’m actually dreading “refiling the pile” of papers and lessons that I just couldn’t stay ahead of the last few months.  But, I am looking forward to have a clean desk and a fresh start!

What’s the problem then?  Summer!  I am home with my children.  I am their full-time activities director.  We sleep in, play all day, they go to bed “late” and then I go to bed “early”.  I actually have time to enjoy cooking.  We do not have sports practice every night of the week so we can even sit down and eat dinner as a family.  I get to spend time with the few friends that I was able to stay in touch with this year.  Life is so good!

Each night during the school year I would work after I put my children to bed.  Now, I’m hardly working!  I’m trying to read my educational book studies, blog, organize “the pile”, and start unit organization for the fall.  Instead, I usually end up going to bed blissfully early.  I’ve realized that I may never catch up on book study.  I have missed my family so much this year.  I realize that I have missed all of the other things that I love doing.  I have missed free time.  I am excited to get started again for the fall.  But summer has fogged up my focus.  I just don’t have the time yet.

What do you think?

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