FREE Math Conference This Summer – BY Math Teachers, FOR Math Teachers

#Math Camp – “Guerrilla PD for Math Teachers”

  • Cost:  FREE
  • Location:  St. Louis
  • Dates:  July 19th – July 22nd
  • Registration Deadline:  July 1st
  • Website:
  • Facebook Site:

Yes, it’s FREE.  It was planned by two amazing math teachers, Lisa Henry and Shelli Temple, so that math educators around the country could come together, share our favorite resources, and develop new ideas for the coming year.

The conference is called #Math Camp.  (Many of the educators attending are also colleagues on Twitter.)  However, it is open to all math teachers and will cover topics from middle school math to Calculus.  We have been sharing resources, lesson planning, and doing book clubs together on Twitter.  These are amazing teachers on the cutting edge of education and technology.  What I love the most about this conference is that it is totally BY math teachers, FOR math teachers.  It’s going to be an amazing four days.  We even have t-shirts!

Topics such as flipping the classroom, Geogebra, standards based grading, interactive math notebooks (with foldables), real world math,  project work in math class, and Exeter problem sets are currently on the program.

As a middle school math teacher, I would love for more middle school math teachers to join us!  Email me if you have any questions!

1 thought on “FREE Math Conference This Summer – BY Math Teachers, FOR Math Teachers

  1. Hi I love your ideas. I coteach in a Title One classroom in our JH. I’m looking for new ideas that are quick and easy. I love pintrest but there not alot of JH teachers on there more elem. Thanks for the ideas. Hope to get more soon. Marlena

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