Order of Operations Foldable – GEMS

Angie made this fantastic PEMDAS foldable, which I loved because it is brilliant!  But, I use GEMS, not PEMDAS.  So I totally stole it and turned it into GEMS.  Thank you Angie, my kids LOVED the color, and the “windows”.  It was a huge hit with my 6th grade!

I also draw a “gem” around the problem to illustrate how to best “show your work” and use an upside “carat”.  It’s all about the gems today!

The word doc is on the Math Wiki, and Scribed below.




11 thoughts on “Order of Operations Foldable – GEMS

  1. I love this! I always tell my students that as you simplify it will make an upside down pyramid, but if I use GEMS it works with the mnemonic. Totally stealing this! Thanks.

  2. I am soooooooo happy to see someone else using the G instead of the P!!!! As an 8th grade math teacher I’ve fought that for years because as soon as the kiddos see brackets they fall apart lol. LOVE your blog.

  3. This is great! Finding your blog has inspired me to do some foldables with my kids. I may have to start my own math blog just to share!

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  5. This is fantastic! I teach G.E.M.D.A.S. and the left to right rule usually makes every one crazy. this is a great way to see it visually.

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  7. Could you email me a copy of this foldable? I am having trouble with Scribed. I am using interactive notebooks with my high school pre-algebra students this year and would love to use this!!! I think GEMS will be a change for them, (from PEMDAS), but I’m going to try!!!

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