Tweet Me Maybe!

I listened to this for the first time since the summer.  I love it.  It reminds me of Twitter Math Camp. It is what Twitter is all about.  I know tweeting seems daunting.  But really, you don’t have to send out tweets, you can just follow math teachers and get GREAT ideas.  So many math teachers are out there tweeting their blog posts and so many great ideas.  You don’t have to be alone!  Tweet Me Maybe!

Tweet Me Maybe Song!

Thanks so much Sean and Rachel for such an amazing song.  You are amazing math teachers and artists!

5 thoughts on “Tweet Me Maybe!

    • Hey David,

      Absolutely! I’m so glad that you enjoyed our song! Our goal is to get as many fabulous math teachers tweeting and blogging as we can. Another good site to share is the twitterblogosphere one. There are videos of teachers explaining how they use twitter and why it is so helpful to them. It also has a step by step “how to start” tweeting section. It’s a fabulous resource! Also, I would love to see/hear your presentation!

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