Blog Comments CHALLENGE – Help Encourage Our Community!

This week you don’t even have to write a blog to participate in the MS Sunday Funday!  EVERYONE can participate this week!

EVERYONE is asked to please read FIVE blogs and comment on the blog post.  That is just one blog a day.  We are a community, and I would love to encourage and support each other.  It would be great if you could pick blogs that you aren’t familiar with so you can read about someone new.  Then, if you would like, you could even blog about your favorite new blogs next Sunday for MS Sunday Funday!  If you don’t have a blog, you can email me your comments.  I will compile them and post the compilation next week. 

Here are ALL of the MS Math blogs that I currently have  I have also created a bundle for Google Reader, which you can subscribe to from this page.

Additionally, here are the NEW Math blogs from the Blogging Initiation (with the subject that they teach next to it in case you want to read a blog in your subject area).

Happy Commenting! 

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