I Love Math Teacher Twitter!

Again, THIS is why I love Twitter. What fun and fabulous math teachers we have!

Megan Hayes-Golding

So, we held our little costume contest. There were 31 entries(!) and all 2012 participants are pictured below. Based on discussion at the #globalmath costume party, I learned we’ve been doing this since 2009. History: 2011, 2010, 2009

First Place

@jreulbach  as @mgolding .

Julie receives a hanging organizer from the Container Store. These babies were all the rage at Twitter Math Camp this summer. I love mine because I hang it near the door and fill it with handouts. “Did I miss anything?” is a question I refuse to answer. I just point at the organizer.

container store swag

Second Place


@j_lanier  as @natbanting 


@mrpicc112  as @approx_normal

Justin and Timon will have to fight it out over graph paper composition books and Command Strip adhesive poster strips.

Several math teachers swear by the graph paper comp books for their Interactive Notebooks, saying it…

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