Conference Notes

Links from NCAIS today.  I’m exhausted.  But I wanted to get these links down while I was still thinking of it.



Flipping the Classroom


1 thought on “Conference Notes

  1. You packed a lot into one day! I love the positive energy of conferences — that feeling of being surrounded by educators who want to learn more and who are eager to share their great ideas is so inspiring. (Which makes me SO jealous of you TMC12 people — I can tell it was the best “conference” ever.) But oh, the brain overload! I always feel like I need to call a “time out” every couple of hours to let my brain digest what I’ve just learned before I go on to more sessions.

    To add to your Robotics list, I’d suggest a free program I learned about at NCCTM last week — Squeak Etoys ( is similar to Scratch and Alice, but may be a little bit easier to learn and has the advantage of allowing users to trouble-shoot programming mistakes in a way that’s easier to track down the problem (according to the presenters who were asked to compare the programs). I haven’t used it with my students yet, but I’m planning on coming up with a challenge for them to work on soon.

    I’m going to check out some of your other links. I love new resources!

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