I’m Presenting “Choice Homework Assignments” on Global Math! LIVE – Tuesday, 02/05/13 at 9PM EST

Listen to the recorded presentation at Global Math (recording will be up 2/6/13).

The first Tuesday night of each month, math teachers present their favorite ideas and lessons at the Global Math presentations.  It is called “My Favorites” and has become my favorite presentations to watch on Global Math!  Usually 5 or 6 teachers share something that they LOVE (lesson, idea, activity).  I always come away learning so much from this one hour talk.

This Tuesday night is “My Favorites”, and I am presenting one of my new favorite things I have started doing in class, Homework Choice Assignments.  My student LOVE my new choice homework assignments.  They are working harder on homework and learning more as well.  Plus, Homework Choice Assignments automatically differentiate their homework assignments without me having to do it.  I can’t wait to share it with you tomorrow on Global Math!

To attend the meeting, all you have to do is click on the link below.  You can sign in with Twitter or Facebook, but you don’t have to sign in to watch the conference.  And, you don’t have to talk or even participate.  You can just watch/listen and come and go as you please.   You can also “reserve” your spot if you click on it now instead of waiting until tomorrow night.  To reserve your spot now or watch tomorrow, click on this link.   Global Math, “My Favorites” Tuesday, 02/05/13 at 9PM EST

This week the presenters are:

1. Jonathan Newman (@newmjh3)
2. Alisan Royster (@G8rAli)
3. Julie Reulbach (@jreulbach)
4. Matt Vaudrey (@MrVaudrey)

2 thoughts on “I’m Presenting “Choice Homework Assignments” on Global Math! LIVE – Tuesday, 02/05/13 at 9PM EST

  1. I tried to register but it came up “oops..something happened we didn’t expect”.  Any suggestions?  I am REALLY interested in your “Choice Homework Assignments” and I want to know more about it.


    Denice Dodge

    A day without laughter  is like a day without sunshine. Make everyday a happy day!! Keep the smiles going.!  

    “ Living a Dream”

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