MathCounts in Hickory, NC

I’m at MathCounts in Hickory, NC today.  I brought 7 6th graders and 3 7th graders.  My team consists of four 6th graders.  None of these students are even in Algebra.  But, they have worked so hard and are so excited about coming today!  None of us could sleep last night.  I don’t know how they will do since they are so young.  These problems are tough for them.  They were all quite intimidated when they saw that everyone but them has a graphing calculator.  But, none of that matters.  They are fabulous, brilliant kids!  They are excited to be here and I am so excited for them!  Best of all, they requested that we continue math club even after MathCounts!  Win for math!

1 thought on “MathCounts in Hickory, NC

  1. My best to you and your students! I’ve never done math counts but coached Scholastic Bowl for several years. The kids get so excited just being a part of something. They’ll always remember this day/trip. Enjoy.

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