How to Get Sharpie Off Whiteboards

Thank you to my wonderful curriculum director, Kim Lysne, for this tip!  She hadn’t tried it, just heard about it.  I told her NO WAY would this work.  But it did!  It’s a good day.

  1. Write over the sharpie with an Expo maker.
  2. Erase.

MAGIC!  Yes, it’s that easy!  I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it for myself so I just had to share!

3 thoughts on “How to Get Sharpie Off Whiteboards

  1. I learned this the hard way after I purposely drew a grid on a whiteboard with a sharpie so I would have a “graph paper” whiteboard for demonstrations. The first time I used it (with Expo markers), the grid started disappearing.

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