7th Graders and My Monster Hat

Monster hat for monster equations!

one good thing

7th graders are hard for me to teach.  For me it is tough because I had them when they were in 6th grade.  They were new to me and to middle school.  They were bursting with excitement every day.  Most of them have never had a singing, monster costume wearing teacher and they enjoyed it.  In 7th grade, it is my 2nd year with them.  They have had me for an ENTIRE year, they have heard all of my stories, they know my jokes.  The shine is worn off.  So, I think I am probably “old hat” or boring to them on most days.  Of course I wish they were loving every minute of it, but I’m ok with this as long as they are learning.   This is my 4th year teaching 7th graders, I now know not to take it personally.  But, sometimes I do.  And sometimes this loss…

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