Mission #3: Collaboration Nation

Misson #3 is now live! Don’t worry if you did not do the first two missions, you can jump in at any time! It will be beneficial for you to blog about the missions, but we understand if you get crazy busy with school and run out of time. If this happens, please don’t quit all together! Just jump in when you can and participate as much as your schedule allows. The payoff will equal (if not be greater than) the time you spend. I promise! 🙂

Exploring the MathTwitterBlogosphere

Tina here, excited to share this week’s new mission with you.

The awesome part about this community is all the sharing we do. Last week you experienced Twitter – that’s all about conversation. Twitter works for the short things we want to share – ideas, links, questions. The character limit is a bonus, it means no one is carrying on a monologue; Twitter is meant for dialogue.

Many times, those conversations leave you wanting more. You wish someone would elaborate on the thought they started in a tweet or share the entire lesson rather than a snippet. That’s where a blog comes in handy.

Sometimes, though, ideas are even bigger than a single person’s blog and turn into a theme that we compile or a new blog entirely (kind of like this one). This week is all about the things the MTBoS has accomplished when we join forces. These projects…

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