MathEd Out Podcast Launch feat. Julie Reulbach

I was honored to be interviewed for the launch episode of the new MathEd Out Podcast. I was also nervous, so I talked a bit fast. But, fast forward is pretty much my constant speed!

Bookmark it because they have a fantastic line up the next couple of months, including Dan Meyer and the Director of NRich, Lynne McClure.

iTunes link:

The MathEd Out Podcast

We are excited to announce the launch episode of the MathEd Out Podcast, a show for those wanting to hear about the best ideas and resources in the world of Math Education.

Guest appearance from Blogger Julie Reulbach of fame

This week we are joined by influential blogger Julie Reulbach from who will be sharing about why she started to blog and how much it has benefitted her in the classroom. We will also have tips for those who want to start their own.

Julie is a middle school teacher from North Carolina and is a regular on the bloggerstwittersphere (@jreulbach)

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Links from the show:

Julie’s Blog – (@jreulbach)

Dan Meyer Blog – (@ddmeyer)

Kate Nowak Blog – (@k8nowak)

Sam Shah Blog – (@samjshah)


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