7th Grade Overnight – Inside Out at Camp Tekoa

Last week I went on the three day 7th grade overnight trip in the mountains of North Carolina. It was ran by Inside Out at Camp Tekoa.  I’m not sure what you do for your middle school trips, but this was an amazing adventure!  Inside Out does a fabulous job with the students.  Our focus for this year was team building.  We learned about water quality, caught stream critters with nets, hiked to waterfalls, rode the rapids, went rock climbing, built rafts, and played tons of games.

Inside Out

7th Grade Woodlawn Students with Inside Out Counselors

The water was pretty chilly (60 degrees), but that didn’t stop us!  I even jumped in the rapids with the students.  We also did the “Morning Dip”.  This is where anyone that wanted to could start their day by jumping in the lake at 7:15 am.  We all lined up on the dock and screamed, “WAKE UP!”, then jumped in together.

The Inside Out counselors were fabulous.  I have recommended that we extend our trip to four days for next year.  The students loved it and said they wished they could have stayed all week!  I have taught these students for two years so going on this trip was very special for me.  I cried when we had to leave on the last day.

Thank you Monica, Nicco, Emily, Jessie, Star and Wally for a life changing experience.

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