Ch ch ch Change

I feel a change, will do you good. I say a change, will do you good.

I am moving schools and changing jobs next year. I will teach upper school at Cannon school starting in the fall. I will most likely teach Geometry and Alg 2 with trig.

I have always taught high school or college level students until my last four years at Woodlawn. Before I started, I was afraid to teach middle school students, but I found that I loved every minute of it. I really love their energy!

I am sad to leave my current school, with all of it’s wonderful students and families. But I am also excited about the opportunities at my new school. After being the lone middle school math teacher for four years, I will be in a math department of eight teachers! There are two other new teachers coming in as well. The math teachers that I met had amazing energy and wonderful camaraderie with each other. We are even going on a math curriculum retreat this summer! They are very progressive, teaching all of their math courses through discovery learning. They even use all discovery learning textbooks! They are excited to learn all about the MTBoS, and I am looking forward to soaking up everything I can about discovery learning at the high school level from them. I teach through discovery exclusively in my current middle school position, all with lessons that I have either made up or adapted from the knowledgable teachers of the MTBoS. So this position will be a great next step for me. Also, I just found out that my bestie, Sam Shah, will also be teaching Geometry next year! I cannot wait to collaborate with him! And even though change can be scary, this was another sign that I made the right choice to move!

The hardest part will be leaving. Woodlawn has become my home and I have been blessed with a wonderful family there. But I think that a change will do me good.

Woodlawn is Your Home

10 thoughts on “Ch ch ch Change

  1. I am very excited for you about this new opportunity, but OH how I envy this new math department that gets you!!

    You know I support you like a sister no matter what and am here if you need anything!!


  2. I am excited to hear about discovery learning at a higher level. This will be helpful to me. Good luck, I too might be in for change but still teaching at the same level. Love your blog.

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