Stickers for Self-Assessment

StickersAfter students complete an assessment in my class, they chose either a green, yellow, or red sticker to put on the front of their paper.  The green sticker indicates that they felt they did well on the assessment.  The yellow sticker indicates that they felt ok.  And, I refer to the red sticker as “SOS!  I need help”.

  • Green = GREAT!
  • Yellow = OK
  • Red = SOS, I need help.



When I grade the papers, I comment if a student chose a sticker that did not match their score.  For instance, if a student put a yellow sticker on their paper, but did very well, I usually write, “Go Green!”.  They love this.

Go Green Sticker

20 thoughts on “Stickers for Self-Assessment

  1. I love this, not only as a reflective strategy, but as a proactive one. I can imagine if students know in advance that they’ll have to place a sticker on their paper, it could be motivating to work a little extra to avoid the color they *don’t* want, and work for the color they *do* want.

    • Thanks Cathy. That’s a great thought! I’ve been meaning to say thank you for your Nearpod post as well. I’ve been using it almost everyday and my students love it!

  2. I think your idea of great! My only question is the cost of the stickers. What if you have 150 students? Is there a way to make it cheaper???

    • That’s a great question because I buy them in bulk on Amazon but they are still expensive! You could use hi-lighters. Green, yellow and then hot pink for SOS. You could put a “How do you think you did?” box at the top and they could hi-light the box with the correct color.

  3. I really like this idea. I wonder how they would respond to a survey after a couple of tests have gone by.

    -What scores justify a green sticker?
    -What scores justify a yellow sticker?
    -What scores justify a red sticker?
    -Did you know before the test whether you would do well?

  4. I really like this. I have my kids do something like this on openers and they have to circle how they are feeling at the bottom of the paper. I usually ask them how they felt on quizzes and tests afterwards but never thought about doing it when they actually take the assessment. Thanks for sharing. Cool stuff.

  5. Hi Julie,

    Cool idea. Do you do some type of R-Y-G formative assessment before the quiz and during instruction or practice time? If so, how? I’ve done the R-Y-G stoplight before, but not sure I did it well enough.


    • I do “My Favorite No” on index cards often and frequently use the whiteboards to see where students are, but I haven’t use RYG in formative assessments before. I would love to hear ideas on how to do this. I have read about the RYG cups, but it seems like too much with all of the other things I do. Maybe they could put a RYG sticker on their index card with “My Favorite No”? I love this idea! Thanks Andrew!

  6. Julie,

    I absolutely love this and can’t wait to do this this year. How do you manage the stickers? Do you have a set on your desk and have kids then assessments in? Do the kids have their own sheets of stickers?

    Love that kids will think about how well they understand the subject and how much they’ve prepared for the assessments.


    • I tried to give them to the kids, but they lose them. They are expensive too! So, I keep them in the “turn-in bin” and just place them outside the basket when it’s quiz/test time. The kids love the stickers! 🙂 Let me know if you try it out!

  7. Here is “My Favorite No”. I do it with index cards. Putting the stickers on these is a good idea Andrew for formative assessment! I would put a set at each table for this bc they bring the cards up to me to check them when completed.

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