“Don’t Say That!” Project – Making First period more like Third

My amazing new TMC14 teacher friend Matt came up with this brilliant idea. He created an open source document where experienced math teachers can tell “newbie” teachers what NOT to say in class. Since Matt and I are both newbies to Alg 2 and Geometry, we would love your help! However, there are also sections for elementary math through Calculus! So please join in the fun and help all newbies out! Thanks in advance.

Pythagoras was a Nerd

The thing about being a first-year teacher is that you make a lot of stupid mistakes. It’s completely understandable, first-year anythings make a ton of mistakes. But I always felt much worse making mistakes as a teacher because I’m affecting these kids’ future. Plus it’s a hell of a lot harder to go back and correct deeply ingrained misconceptions than it is to go back and change some cells on a spreadsheet or some grammar in a report.

Last year, when I was up way too late planning for the next day, I would always try to predict where my students would get turned around. I worked my butt off to anticipate all of their mistakes. And then came the day when kids didn’t know the difference between and angle and a side. I was flabbergasted, so I asked another teacher friend, and they were like “oh, yeah, you have…

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