Organization – The Struggle is REAL

I love being organized, but have such a tough time with it.  I move too fast, do too much, and don’t leave enough time to put things away at the end of the day.  But I try.  I love making things organized for my students, so I don’t have to waste class time passing out papers and materials, or getting work for absent students.  Most of my organization tips I found from other people, and am even trying something new after reading the blog posts this week!


Plastic Grading Folder/Pocket:

I put all assessments that need to be graded in a clear plastic pocket.  There is a hi-lighter and Pilot FriXion Clicker Retractable Erasable Gel Pens in there for grading.  This way I can take my grading with me to all of my children’s activities.  The plastic pocket is durable so the papers don’t get messed up on the soccer field.  🙂


IMG_1653Student Math Numbers:

I give every student a number at the beginning of the year.  They put this number on all of their graded work.  It helps me quickly alphabetize the papers so I can enter them into the grade book.

Extra Handouts:

I have two hanging file folders on the wall, one for each prep, that I label for each day of the week.  I put extra handouts in there so if a student loses theirs, they can get another one.  This is also great for tutors as they can see any work we’ve been doing.


Table/Team Folders:

I got this amazing idea from Sam Shah last year!  I have one folder for each table.

  • I put their handouts for the day in each folder so I don’t have to pass them out.
  • They put work they need to return to me inside the folder.
  • If a student is absent, then the next day any handouts they will need is inside their folder!
  • I have Homework Responsibility sheets in there as well so they can fill out a sheet when they first come into the room if they didn’t do their homework.
  • I also put their name (on a post-it) on the outside of each folder.  This also serves as their seating chart.  When I want to change seating, I just switch the post-its.  It’s great for me bc I’m a very visual person, especially when arranging seating!
  • I keep their folders on the table by the door, so the students get their table folder as they come in.  But, if I want to change where a TEAM sits, I just put their folders on a different table before they come in.



I keep all supplies that students will need on a big shelf in the back.  This way I don’t have to get them out and distribute each time!

Unit Binders!

I have not done this yet, but after reading Greta’s organization post and a slew of tweets I am going to try to use unit binders.  I am hoping it will keep me more organized.  I bought a box of 12 1 inch binders on Amazon for $27.00!  But now the price has increased to $37.00!?

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 10.44.24 AM

7 thoughts on “Organization – The Struggle is REAL

  1. I struggle with organization. I like the idea of table folders and/or hanging file folders to keep work in case kids are absent.

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