Algebra 1, Here I Come!

I just found out that I will be teaching Algebra 1 in addition to Algebra 2 next year! I haven’t taught Algebra 1 since I first started teaching, many years ago. I taught an advanced pre-algebra class four years ago at my last school, and have taught algebra 2 for the past four years. So I’m excited to finally complete the series!

I will be teaching Algebra 1 to a small class of 9th graders. We use CPM for most of the classes in my high school but won’t use it for Algebra 1. Algebra 1 is also taught in our 8th grade, so I will be have the Glencoe Algebra 1, 2018 that the middle school selected.

I will definitely use Standards Based Grading as I tried it for the first time last year and LOVED it. I would love to start working on everything Algebra 1 now, but I have a crazy summer. I’m currently on family vacation and then I am taking my son to CA later this week for summer camp. I also have the Desmos Fellowship and Twitter Math Camp. I was asked to be a keynote speaker this year at TMC, so much of my brain power and extra time is devoted to writing my speech. However, curriculum is my first love so I can’t stop my wheels from spinning about all of the things I plan to do in Algebra 1 this year!

I’ve already reached out on Twitter to build up my Algebra 1 PLN. I created an Algebra 1 teacher list on Twitter if anyone wants to subscribe to it. If you have Tweetdeck, you can create a column of teachers from the list, so you can follow their tweets all in one place.  I plan on frequenting the Algebra 1 chat (#Alg1chat) , Sunday’s at 9PM EST, once I get back from TMC.

I can wait to have so much fun with Algebra 1 this year. I plan on using groups, Desmos, Algebra Tiles, Number Talks, debate, whiteboards, tons of games and activities, and CPM, IM (Open Up Resources) and Mathalicious. I hope to blog about my adventure as it unfolds this year! I hope you will join me!

7 thoughts on “Algebra 1, Here I Come!

  1. That sounds like fun for you! CPM has some great algebra lessons so I’m glad you plan on using it some :). I can send you the tests I used when I taught alg 1 with the CPM curriculum if you’d ever like them (??)!
    Here’s my virtual file cabinet with lots of algebra resources (some from you I’m sure!), use it if you’d like. I look forward to reading your posts! (And will totally miss seeing you at TMC this year 😦

  2. hi im new here i will be glad if you discuss here some algebra subject group theory and step by step with us , I think algebra is very similar to playing chess in both of them we must follow some rules
    if you didnt see me here in the word press notify me on my gmail

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