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This is my collection of “Virtual Filing Cabinets” and searchable lesson databases for mathematics.  These are the places that I go first when looking for resources to plan a lesson.  If you know of any other great math filing cabinets, please put it in the comments section below.

Math Teacher Wiki – You can edit this page!  It is an open/public wiki with resources for all levels of math.  If you have a great idea or activity that you would like to add to any of these pages, just hit EDIT on the appropriate page and start typing!  When you are finished, don’t forget to hit SAVE at the bottom.

TMC Website and TMC Wiki – Best professional development for math teachers anywhere, ever.

Global Math – Weekly webinars every Tuesday night at 9PM EST.

Math Subject Chats – Twitter Chat times and archives for math subject chats from middle school to calculus.

Sam Shah’s Virtual Filing Cabinet – All levels

3-Acts Tasks

Problem Based Curriculum Maps – CCSS aligned

Visual Pattens Website

I Love Math – All levels

Mr. Barton Algebra Resources – Includes pdf and files of games and activities

6th Grade Wiki – Addresses common core and three acts

Kristen’s Algebra I Links – Algebra I and Precalculus

Laura Candler Math Resources – Up to beginning Algebra

Project-Based Pre-Algebra Site

Craig’s GDoc Filing Cabinet – Middle School

Angela’s Online Filing Cabinet – It’s mostly middle school now but she is teaching HS this year so I expect this to change.

Sandra Miller’s Online Filing Cabinet – Alg 1, Alg 3, Geometry

Amber Caldwell’s Online Filing Cabinet  – Alg I, Alg 2, PreCalc

Jefferson County Schools Math Powerpoint Presentations – K-12

UNC’s School of Education Searchable Lesson Database – All levels

NCTM Illuminations Searchable Database of Lesson Plans

SHODOR Database – online math and science activities

CREATE for Mississippi Lesson Database

Math Links

Cybrary Man’s Math Links

Math Mistakes

Mathalicious – Real World Math Problems

Math Forum Problem of the Week – Problem Solving

Math-Aids.Com provides an unlimited amount of free math worksheets from kindergarten to high school, in a PDF format with the answer key.

17 thoughts on “Math Teacher Resources

  1. Thank you so much for your list of resources.

    We at TeacherStep, a company focused on making teacher recertification simple, offer professional development graduate courses for Teachers, created by Teachers!

    We have just developed new CCSS education courses, and we would love to have you check them out. Here is our website:

    Hope to hear back from you soon, our email address is below.
    And thank you so much, your articles are wonderful!

    Warmest Regards,
    -The TeacherStep Team

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  3. Great Resource!: Please check out – a free web resource of math experiments for grades 2-12. Read the Philosophy, the Blog, and try the experiments.
    Eventually, Art Bardige, the mind behind What IF Math, plans to open up the site for students
    and teachers to create and post many, many more exciting math experiments based on
    real-world data and examples. Neato, Huh? thank. Frank Ferguson – p 978.313.1254

  4. It is really a great and helpful piece of info. I’m glad that
    you just shared this useful information with us.
    Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Free math tool for teachers from pre-algebra to pre-calculus

    You have all heard “Flip the Classroom; use Kahn Academy” The concept is a good one. We all know that a student who has been introduced to material before class catches on to it faster in the classroom. But, have you seen how kids use Kahn Academy? They open the browser window to Kahn Academy, start the video and then open up the facebook or instagram window and “listen” to the video while multi-tasking. Not the most effective way to introduce math concepts to a student.

    There has to be a better way.

    What if there was a free tool that introduced math concepts from pre-algebra through pre-calculus. but didn’t use video. Instead the tool had an interactive Socratic Tutor that allowed students to go step-by-step through multiple problems of the same problem type until they “got it”.

    There is such a tool for math teachers. And yes, it’s free. With over 550 problem types that can generate hundreds of thousands of unique problems covering math from pre-algebra through pre-calculus. Which also includes the problem types most commonly found on the SAT and ACT.

    Go to: and register

    Click on the Generate Links button

    Select the Category and Sub Category and it will show the Problem Types

    Click on the Problem Type to see an example

    If you want to generate a link to that problem type, click the Generate Link button

    After your link is generated you can cut and paste the link to your teacher web page for your students to use. It’s that simple. No cost. No charge. No fee. Students don’t have to register or share their information with us to use it. No advertising on the student’s page. Four clicks and you have the link to the resource that you can put on a page you own for your students to use.

    How you elect to use the tool, from flipping the classroom to pre-test review that’s all up to you. We just want you to give it a try, and use the Suggestion button under the Settings tab to let us know how you are using it and what we can do to make the tool better and easier for you (or even what Problem Types we don’t have that you would like to see).

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