Join the Math Teacher Wiki!

Calling all math teachers!!

After teaching only HS (and specifically Alg II or higher) for the last few years I am moving on over to the wonderful world of middle school this fall!  I will be teaching 6th and 7th grades.

Since this is a new arena for me I am putting out the all call for resources!  So, I have set up a wiki for any math teachers to add resources.  Math Teacher Wiki

I am new to the whole wiki thing so the format is pretty basic right now.  I hope to improve it as time goes on.

Just updated:

You can add yourself to the wiki!   I fixed it so I do not have to add people.  Yeah!  Very exciting stuff!

Let’s do this!

12 thoughts on “Join the Math Teacher Wiki!

  1. I think this sounds fantastic and would love to participate. I do not currently have a classroom but previously have taught HS and 8th grade pre-algebra and algebra. As an instructional math coach I work with grades 6-8.

  2. I have taught no middle school but lots of 9th grade including Algebra 1. I am happy to contribute some ideas if you will allow. 🙂

    Cheers, Dvora @teachtgs

  3. I have taught 6th & 8th grades in the past, and I am currently teaching 7th grade here in Georgia. I am always excited to learn more about how to help my students succeed!

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