Oooooozzzzing with Technology This Week!

In Math Teacher Twitter land I am officially, “A Noob”.

I taught for years, but after being out for eight years I am amazed at what I have missed.  Twitter, Blogs, Wiki’s, and Google Docs top my list of “things I cannot believe I have missed out on even though I wasn’t teaching”.

But, I am back!!

With my type A++++ personality, this is technology deficit is more than mildly irritating so I am racing to catch up.  However, most days I feel like I am running just to stand still.  This week my children are in all-day soccer camp so I have been especially technologically productive (even though I haven’t done ANY of the lesson planning I had slated for the week).

What I have done this week:

1.  Made a new Wiki for math teachers – Math Teacher Wiki

What I have learned this week making the Wiki.

  • How to make it public so that everyone can participate without having to manually give everyone permission.
  • What a “steal lock” was and what it meant, thanks @misscalcul8!
  • How to invite tweeps to participate
  • What a sidebar does
  • That I need to learn how to make it pretty b/c it is UGLY now.  : )

2.  I created a MathLog calendar on Google Calendars for my new MathLog Club for teachers.

I learned how to:

  • Make it public
  • Invite people
  • Find the link to share it on Twitter
  • Add my “out” dates and view other’s “out” dates
  • Imbed it into the Math Wiki!

3.   Created a Facebook Fan Page for my future students.  Thanks to some amazing Twitter friends this was amazing fun to learn!  However, it turns out that I will be unable to do a FB Fan page with my students.  Turns out that you have to be at least 13 to get a FB account.  Since I teach 6th and 7th grade the majority of my students will not “officially” qualify.  I am sure that many of them already have accounts, however I do not feel comfortable “officially” encouraging it.  This is the day I realized how young the students are that I am going to teach!

I learned:

  • You can make a FB Fan page with your account, but it is not visibly linked to you
  • When you make a FB Fan page under your log in you can easily edit and update the page without having to log out and log into another FB account.
  • You have to “like” the page to become a fan of your own page so you will get the updates
  • Others can “like” your page without becoming your friend.  This is crucial for me as I don’t friend my students
  • You are SUPPOSED to be 13 to get a FB account.

4.  I also learned how to change the DELETE key on my Mac keyboard to act like the classic BACKSPACE key on a PC.  This was essential to my way of typing life.

As I’m still the NOOB please feel free to tell me all about great things that you do with technology in the comments section or on the Math Wiki.

What do you think?

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