Concept Based Blank Study Guides

I am using a “mini-SBG” system with my classes this year.  They have a list of concepts and a Concept Checklist where they keep track of their progress on each concept.  I give them a pretest before each set of concepts where they can earn a score of B (beginning), D (developing), P (proficient) and E (Exemplary) for each concept.  As we move through the unit, I quiz them on certain concepts, and then they update their Concept Checklist.  (More detail here).

Students always have a hard time studying for chapter / unit tests.  I have them make index cards as we move through the chapter so they will have those to study from.  However, I also want them working extra problems to study before a test.  However, in a large unit it can be difficult for them to pinpoint exactly which problems they need to focus on.  So, I created a blank study guide.

The Blank Study Guide has three sections.  The first section is CONCEPTS and has the students list the concept number and name of any concept that they do not currently have an E on.  I believe I may change this to to however since I grade the concepts very hard and it takes perfection to get an E.

The second section is NOTE CARDS and asks them to list any index cards that they are having trouble remembering, or any vocab words that would like extra work on from the index cards.

The third section is called EXAMPLES and is for working problems.  I tell them to refer to section one and to find at least one example problem from their books or their notes for EACH concept that they listed in section one.

Blank Study Guide
Most of the students who did the study sheet really liked it.  They told me that it helped them know what to study.  Some of the students did not do it, or were confused by it.  But, that is all part of the learning process.  As we do a study guide for each chapter I believe they will become more proficient at completing them.

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