Colorful, Differentiated Learning with Math Stations

Since I wrote my Marvelous Math Stations post last year, I have made a few improvements, taking Math Stations to the next level!

I differentiate learning by color coding. I use color index cards, one color per station, and then number the stations 1 – 5. Each station gets progressively more difficult that the one before.  I assign students that need more review to the lower stations, and more proficient students to the higher stations.  I usually assign them to stations 1 – 3 so they all have the chance to progress to more difficult stations.  Station 5, the last one, is always a “challenge” station.  I added more cards per station (about 6 cards) so there are more problems for the students to work.

  • I put a STAR on all problems that students are required to work at each station. The other ones are optional as time allows or if they feel they need more work with a topic.
  • I put the answers on the back of the index card. This way student can more easily check their answers.
  • I have them write down all of the problems, work, and answers in their notebooks. As they work the problems in their notebooks, they highlight ones they miss so they can focus on that type of problem when studying. I got rid of the math station handout because they had trouble keeping up with an index card or a tracking sheet.
  • I post the rules on a Powerpoint at the front of the room so that the students can read them as often as they need to.

My biggest advice is to make SURE they are writing down the questions and not just the answers in their notebooks. Also, keep encouraging them to highlight the ones they are unsure of.

Rules – (GDoc Presentation)

5 thoughts on “Colorful, Differentiated Learning with Math Stations

  1. We’ve designed our next few stations off your first post with 8 stations, 2 problems per station. Do you have an issue with students cheating off the answers ? Also, would you mind sharing that PowerPoint with the rules ? Great idea to have it posted the whole time. Can’t wait to try it out next Tuesday.

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