Writing Linear Equations from Word Problems – Foldable

6th and 7th grade students do not like to write equations for word problems. They just want to scratch out some calculations and give me their answer. Often, their answer is correct, but I would love for them to develop how to write an equation from a word problem at this level.

I made this four step foldable to visually slow them down, and illustrate the steps they need to take when writing an equation from a word problem. The students caught on very easily when I did this in class with them. For the first time, they seemed to realize that they needed to complete several steps in order to solve a word problem (by writing an equation). I emphasized the importance of the equation.




This is the example that I wrote on the board to illustrate how to write an equation and solve it.


PDF and Word File of the Foldable.

Sorry for the upside down picture!  I was trying to post using my iPad.  That app needs work!

8 thoughts on “Writing Linear Equations from Word Problems – Foldable

  1. You must be reading my mind! I’m preparing to reteach this next week as our formatives indicated writing expressions/equations as an area for improvement.

    I LOVE THIS FOLDABLE and will unabashedly steal and use it in my classroom next week. Thanks!

  2. Thanks!

    My school just had an expensive presenter providing graphic organizer concepts, but I missed it at another meeting. Furthermore, this is what my class is working on right now, and this will put it all together. No doubt in my mind that I’ll be using this next week. Thank you again for a good tool and killer timing.

  3. Just came across your blog and this is great! I use a similar strategy, but I love the foldable and graphic organizer/flowchart way of going through the problem. Definitely going to be using this 🙂

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