Calling All Middle School Math Teachers! Please Fill Out My Survey to Connect!

Middle school is an amazing place!  And those of us teaching middle schoolers truly love it!  They are fun, energetic, exciting, and most of all, new to higher math.  A few months ago I discovered many amazing middle school math blogs.  In the past few weeks, I have found even more middle school math teachers on Twitter. I am so excited to learn from all of these teachers.

To make this possible, I would love for middle school math teachers to fill out this survey (you will be taken to the Math Wiki to fill it out).  Once you are finished you will be able to see the results immediately.  

I plan on compiling a list (and will make a Twitter list as well).  I have a few other ideas floating around in my head that will enable us to share resources and help each other out during the school year.  Also, use and follow the hashtag #msmath when talking about middle school math.

If you have any ideas, please add them to the comments below!  What do you need to make yourself an even more amazing teacher?

7 thoughts on “Calling All Middle School Math Teachers! Please Fill Out My Survey to Connect!

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