MS Math Teachers Survey Results = Wow!

After only 3 days, the MS Math Teachers survey collected 81 responses!  I am truly awed by this.  I’m excited to find so many middle school math teachers who are so eager to connect and help one another on our amazing journey this year!  If you haven’t responded yet it isn’t too late!  Just click here to fill out the Middle School Math Teacher’s Survey.

By far my favorite response was to the question, “What would you like to get out of Twitter / blogging / network”.  Here is what you all said.

You are all interested in learning, sharing, implementing, and getting NEW ideas.  I am inspired by your desire to always be learning.  I am currently working on compiling all of the survey information.  The first thing I plan to do is to put the list of MS bloggers on the Middle School Math Blogs page (found above).  Please feel free to add this to your blog as well if you would like.

For now, here is a snapshot of who we are and what we can do!  A GIANT category in the  “special interests / area of expertise” was “Others”.  After investigating, I found that the “other” was most often foldables.  I cannot believe that I did not include that as an category in this question, especially after I did a session on Foldables at #TMC12.  It seems like they are more currently popular in middle school.  I seriously love you teachers!!  🙂

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