Math Class Notebooks – MS Sunday Funday

Welcome to a collaboration of posts by amazing middle school math teachers!


This week’s theme is Math Class Notebooks.  Next week, the theme will be everything advisory. Please share how your school runs advisory, how often you do advisory and why, and most important, advisory activities!

Also, grab the MS Sunday Funday logo at the top to link back to this page.

5 thoughts on “Math Class Notebooks – MS Sunday Funday

  1. Thank you for the invite… I will try to attend… I signed up, but my computer is giving me so issues, we will see what happens at 8pm. LOL

    and I will get the Brain Dump post done this week, I just need to get my large one up.

  2. This comment is off-topic, but I need some advice from you and your blog readers! I’m interested in participating in your blogging challenge and your weekly link-ups, but I have some personal issues (lol). I have no blog and don’t know how to do it — and unfortunately I’m not a “jump in and figure it out as I go” person, I’m a “research the hell out of it before I decide if I can handle it” person. Analysis paralysis at its finest. So I’m determined to make myself do it anyway, just haven’t gotten there. Just deciding on what to name my blog could take days!

    How do you all handle time management? I ask because I’ve been sitting here for three hours, in my pajamas (with coffee but no food yet), reading math teacher blogs you’ve linked to, plus clicking on links from tweets that interest me (I’m new to Twitter, too). I have a tendency to do this every weekend, plus at night, but I have a family to take care of, and I try to have a life outside of my obsession with teaching math — so clearly I’m not doing this right! What if I start blogging and lose balance in my life completely?

    Suggestions? Seriously. I need help! 🙂


  3. I am in the same boat; I’ve been teaching a long time, but have discovered so many wonderful new ideas on blogs. i’d love to start one, but like Alisan, don’t know how to begin, let alone how you all manage families, teaching, following blogs, let alone blogging yourself. I’m in bed by 9 because I’m up by 5 and there just don’t seem to be enough hours to get everything done. I’d love suggestions and ideas.

  4. To all you bloggers out there . . . THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I did an “innocent” little google search yesterday on math notebooks, and stumbled on this WEALTH of knowledge. Bless you for sharing your great ideas.

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