Favorite Resources – MS Sunday Funday


This week’s theme is Favorite Resources.   It’s not too late!  Submit you post for this week.  Next week, we will be focusing on our favorite problems.

One Good Thing – MS Sunday Funday


This week’s theme is One Good Thing.   It’s not too late!  Submit you post for this week. 

Lesson Plan Organization


This week’s theme is Lesson Organization.   It’s not too late!  Submit you post for this week. 

My lesson plan organization needs help!  Many years ago, I kept all of my lessons in a giant 3-ring binder.  But, I couldn’t keep up with it, and I really hate all of that hole punching.  I then kept a file folder for each lesson, but that was too many file folders.  Now, I keep everything from one chapter / unit in one file folder, but it’s all jumbled up.  I’m always looking for a certain sheet to make copies of or a homework key.  I would love to have it all in order in this file folder.  Is this possible?  Basically, I would love to have a better system, but it needs to be low maintenance.  Please help if you have a great idea!  Blog about your awesome system or just throw some help in the comments.  THANK YOU in advance!  And thanks to Beth and Mary for blogging this week.

First Day / First Week 2013-2014


This week’s theme is First Day / First Week for 2013-2014.  It’s not too late!  Submit you post for this week.  Next week we will blog about lesson organization to help get ourselves reorganized from the beginning of the school year.

First Week! Factor Craze and Pascal’s Triangle

I had an exhausting but amazing first week!  We set up math graph books in both classes, boring but necessary.  This introduced 6th grade to foldables and garnered the comment, “We sure use a lot of glue in this class.”  Hahaha.  Not THAT much glue!

This week in…

6th grade – We reviewed place value, fraction to decimal conversion, rounding, and rulers! I always have several 6th graders who write that 32/4 = 0.125 and my, “Estimate before you evaluate.” talk ensues, full of cookie examples.  But, my first lesson in 6th grade is to introduce them to patterns, and I do this with the “Math in Nature” YouTube video followed by an almost blank Pascal’s Triangle.  I just tell them, “There are a ton of patterns in here, can you figure them out?” and off they go!  At the end we color the odd and even numbers different colors and I show them the large colored interactive Pascal Triangle online.  This is a huge hit with 6th grade students and I even had 5 students request larger blank grids. They are bringing them back to me next week so I can hang them on my bulletin board.  Did I mention how much I adore 6th graders??

IMG_5774 IMG_57757th grade was too exciting for words.  I am focusing on “Notice and Wonder“, and problem solving with them.  Everyday I hear kids say, “Whoa, mind blown!”.  It’s pretty electric in there and I only have problem solving to thank!  I took pictures last week but next time, I’m getting video clips.  I cannot believe how much they have taken to the problem solving and how excited they are about it!  After completing the Sieve Of Eratosthenes the first problem was “Factor Craze“.  Thanks so much to Fawn for blogging about this great problem!  I’m going to blog about just this problem when I have more time!  It was a wonderful beginning of the year problem for 7th graders who are working on prime factorization and exponents.  I told them they could try to find the rest of the patterns together and many groups of students emailed and googled chatted about it that night.  Who can ask for more than kids chatting at night about math?  Later that week we talked about number systems and I got to entertain them with Vi Hart’s video.  They were mesmerized!  And, they have blown my mind with their energy and enthusiasm so far!  I’m counting on problem solving to keep puberty apathy at bay this year!

Math Classroom Setup


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Teachers have been working hard getting ready for their students these past weeks.  Check out all of our amazing math classroom decor!  Next week, blogs will be about First Day / First Week.  The blogs will be about our first day/week plans or reflections on how the first days went!

Goals for 2013-2014


This week’s theme is goals for 2013-2014.  It’s not too late!  Submit you post for this week.

Amazing Icebreakers for Teachers

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This week’s theme is Icebreakers.  Next week, the theme will be “Goals (or what I would like to do different/better) for 2013-2014 School Year”.  Make it count, take time to write down your vision for this year and share it.

Our Supplies – What’s In Your Cabinets?

This week we are blogging about our favorite math class supplies!  Enjoy!

Differentiation in Math Class – MS Sunday Funday

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This is not the first time that we have blogged about differentiation.  However, it is such a crucial topic that I’m excited to feature it again – especially since we are joining up with
Tina’s blog!  I am adding our previous posts to this list as well.
Next week our topic is “Supplies – What’s in Your Cabinet?” Please blog a quick list of your favorite math supplies (and why if you have time)!  This could be books, manipulatives, or even things like giant whiteboards!