Calling All Algebra 2 Teachers! #MTBoS #Alg2Chat

TMC16 this year intensely motivated me, to the point where I cannot stop thinking about math ed, even on vacation!  I came up with this idea this morning, and have to get it down before I go to the beach so I will stop thinking about it, and relax!

If you are going to be teaching Algebra 2, please add yourself to the list below!  I did this when I taught middle school, and it was great!  I even was able to develop a monthly newsletter of resources for those who signed up.  No promises, I have much ambition before school starts and then run out of time. But for the first time in two years, I am feeling my old momentum come swinging back!  Hurrah! And thank you all for inspiring me!

I created a shared Google Folder for us to drop our favorite goodies in.  How great will it be to have a place with ALL THE THINGS when we are looking for resources?!  As a community, I know we can do this!

Julie, @jreulbach

PLEASE add the #Alg2Chat to any Algebra 2 post you tweet about.  🙂  Let’s bring this back!

Nix the Tricks: A Must Read FREE eBook for Teachers, Tutors, and Parents

We have all heard them (and maybe even taught or still teach them).  From “hungry” inequalities to FOIL, this eBook talks about the shortcuts that math students use, why they hinder conceptual understand, and even offers advice on alternative teaching methods.  Each section focuses not only on a “trick” that could be “nixed”, but a fix as well!  Student examples are included.

Nix the Tricks covers everything from 2nd grade to high school math and should be read by every teacher, tutor or parent that teaches math.  

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 5.05.43 PM

For over a year, math teachers in the online mathematics community (known as the #MTBoS) have been contributing the tricks that frustrate them the most.  Tina Cardone compiled all of these tricks and put this amazing resource together!  The best part of this entire concept is that it is still being updated and edited!  As always within the open source #MTBoS, you are invited to join in on the conversation to discuss the tricks and even submit the tricks that frustrate you the most.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 5.20.05 PM

Tina is also working on a printed version of the book that can be ordered online.  Download the eBook and like the Facebook page for updates on the printed version and new revisions.

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TMC13 Session Recaps – Tonight on Global Math!

If you are tragically upset that you could not attend TMC13 (Twitter Math Camp), or going through post-TMC withdrawal symptoms, fear not!  Tonight, at 9PM, EST, multiple teachers will be talking about sessions that they presented or attended.

July 30: Twitter Math Camp Session Recaps

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 9.59.55 AM

Also, read Ilana Horn’s Storify story, What’s all the fuss about #TMC13?

Come tonight to relive the most amazing math teachers conference of all times!  I’ll see you there!


My Favorites of 2012

2012 was the best year I have ever had professionally.  I started my third year teaching middle school, and do not have a new prep or new book for the first time ever in my entire teaching career. This (and some bonus planning time in our new schedule) has freed me up to improve my existing lessons and actives, as well as create some fabulous new ones.  I feel more inspired (and effective) as an educator that I ever have, and I look forward to getting better each year!  This year would not have been as fabulous without the support from so many amazing math educators that I connect with on blogs and through Twitter.

My Favorites of 2012

Favorite Professional Development:

  • Twitter Math Camp (TMC) tops my list of my very favorite thing of 2012 (if not of all times!).  Professional development for us, by us.  Thanks Lisa and Shelli!
  • Global Math – Continuing in the TMC theme, this internet conference keeps me in touch with real teachers and helps me learn multiple new things every week.  Thanks Megan  for all of  your hard work on this!
  • MathTwitterBlogosphere – I love this incredible site created by @samjshah that introduces newbies to tweeting and blogging with fellow math teachers. 
  • Math Blogging Initiative –  Dreamed up by @samjshah, 140 new baby bloggers were born!  
  • A Day in the Life – I love that this series exposed how much teachers do in a day!  Thanks Tina (@crstn85)!

Personal Favorites:

  • Having Dan Meyer include my blog in a post on “Great Classroom Action”.  Dan was one of the very first math bloggers I found when I went back to teaching.  He helped me immensely and taught me what it means to share my ideas with other teachers freely!  I feel so honored to be mentioned on his blog.
  • MS Sunday Funday – I had no idea how amazing it would be to connect with other middle school teachers.  We teach the same topics at the same time, so having them in my GReader is pure gold.
  • One of my students Graphing Stories made “front page news” on Dan Meyers blog!  It also is in the top 10 for graphing stories most frequently downloaded!  Great job Arianna, Emily, Matt, and John!
  • Starting interactive notebooks – I can’t tell you enough how much this (along with Foldables) has changed my teaching practice.  Thank you Megan!
  • Foldables, foldables, foldables.  Enough said.
  • Barbie Bungee Activity – STARTING with a project and then teaching students the math as they need it is the way to go.  They actually care because their answer matters – if they don’t want to kill Barbie that is!  Plus, they just get it when they experience it first.  Seriously, it does not get any better than this!
  • Getting over 3,000 hits on my blog in one day.  For so long I barely got three hits a day.  I don’t live for the stats, but I love helping other teachers and this shows me that I am doing that!

MS Math Teachers – Let’s Start Sharing #msSunFun

Get ready for MS Sunday Fundays!  #msSunFun

I’m calling on all middle school math teachers to blog about a certain topic.  (The list of topics will be published here in advance.)  Then, I will publish the compilation of all blog posts for us to read every Sunday!  The first topic will be 1st Day / 1st Week Activities and I will post them THIS Sunday, August 5th.  Exciting!  Fill out the survey here to let me know of topics you would be interested in blogging about (or seeing).

We have no “logo” as of yet.  If you are a logo person, feel free to create something and email it to me.

If you think MS Sunday Funday is too long or the hashtag isn’t great, then I’m open to suggestions.  These are ideas that we developed together on Twitter, but I’m always open to new and better ideas, especially if they are easier to remember or more catchy!

It’s ON so BRING IT!    🙂