Nix the Tricks: A Must Read FREE eBook for Teachers, Tutors, and Parents

We have all heard them (and maybe even taught or still teach them).  From “hungry” inequalities to FOIL, this eBook talks about the shortcuts that math students use, why they hinder conceptual understand, and even offers advice on alternative teaching methods.  Each section focuses not only on a “trick” that could be “nixed”, but a fix as well!  Student examples are included.

Nix the Tricks covers everything from 2nd grade to high school math and should be read by every teacher, tutor or parent that teaches math.  

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For over a year, math teachers in the online mathematics community (known as the #MTBoS) have been contributing the tricks that frustrate them the most.  Tina Cardone compiled all of these tricks and put this amazing resource together!  The best part of this entire concept is that it is still being updated and edited!  As always within the open source #MTBoS, you are invited to join in on the conversation to discuss the tricks and even submit the tricks that frustrate you the most.

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Tina is also working on a printed version of the book that can be ordered online.  Download the eBook and like the Facebook page for updates on the printed version and new revisions.

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