MS Sunday Funday – What Would You Like To Blog About?

What are you interested in blogging (or learning) about?  Please fill out the form below to help generate ideas for future Sunday Funday blog posts!  I would love to include High School in addition to Middle School bloggers.  There are many topic overlaps so this is a great idea  (thanks Reilly)!

I’ve had some new ideas lately.  One of the things I would like to explore is posting our creative lessons around a topic or even a software program.  For instance, one week we could post lessons where we used Desmos , Geogebra, or another favorite software.  One week we could all post how we teach solving one-step equations (or any other topic).  We could post about success we have had using lessons currently available on the internet, like from Dan Meyer’s 3-acts or Mathalicious.

We could also take on challenges, like creating our own 3-acts or creating a new lesson where we used Desmos.  We could all create a Virtual Filing Cabinet like Sam’s on our own blogs one week.

Following in the Global Math Format, the first Sunday of each month could be where we post a list of our most recent “Favorites”, whether it be new things we have tried and loved in our classroom or even a collection of blog posts we have enjoyed reading the past month.

I feel that as a “team” we could create some amazing resources.  If you like any of these ideas or have new ones, fill out the form and/or throw them in the comments section.  Happy Sunday!


MS Math Teachers – Let’s Start Sharing #msSunFun

Get ready for MS Sunday Fundays!  #msSunFun

I’m calling on all middle school math teachers to blog about a certain topic.  (The list of topics will be published here in advance.)  Then, I will publish the compilation of all blog posts for us to read every Sunday!  The first topic will be 1st Day / 1st Week Activities and I will post them THIS Sunday, August 5th.  Exciting!  Fill out the survey here to let me know of topics you would be interested in blogging about (or seeing).

We have no “logo” as of yet.  If you are a logo person, feel free to create something and email it to me.

If you think MS Sunday Funday is too long or the hashtag isn’t great, then I’m open to suggestions.  These are ideas that we developed together on Twitter, but I’m always open to new and better ideas, especially if they are easier to remember or more catchy!

It’s ON so BRING IT!    🙂