So Sorry MS Sunday Funday – It’s JANUARY

January is killing me.

Between December 19th and January 23rd we have four birthdays in my family. Throw in Christmas and a bout or two of sickness for everyone and my life has been on the insane side lately.  At work I’ve also been more busy than normal with parent conferences, mid-trimester grades, and MathCounts preparations.  It’s all been a bit overwhelming.

I haven’t had time to blog, or even set up the MS Sunday Funday for January.  I’m so sorry to all of my faithful MS Sunday Funday bloggers (and readers)!  I will get it organized this weekend if it kills me.  And, it might because we have nine soccer games this weekend in addition to two practices on FRIDAY NIGHT.  Soccer is evil.

I’ve missed tweeting and blogging terribly, along with sleep!  Today I got to go to a conference, and even reconnect with an amazing friend (who also happens to be a math teacher) from my past.  Today was inspiring, refreshing, and fun!  I’m even more anxious after today to get everything back to “normal”.

I love my life, and I love my job.  I just need more time!


5 thoughts on “So Sorry MS Sunday Funday – It’s JANUARY

  1. While I’ve been missing reading lots of blogs (yours isn’t the only one that’s been quiet), I feel guiltily glad there haven’t been any MSSunFun. I’ve been too busy to read or contribute, anyway.

    Hang in there and stay healthy. People are dropping like flies here.

  2. Thank you for taking time to maintain this blog! I bumped into you after school began and have branched out since then. I’ve learned a lot since the “call me maybe” post. And it is helping my students also.

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