Math Class Grading Policies

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This week we are blogging about math class grading policies.  Please submit your post!

Next week:  Blog about how you grade (or do not grade) homework.  (By Request).

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8 thoughts on “Math Class Grading Policies

      • My apologies – no intention to hijack your question for this week! 😉 Just thought that your “grading policies” topic this week would include homework. A specific homework question will be good too! Thank YOU so much! 😉

  1. Actually Cathy, this is a topic that so many teachers are interested in. In fact, it’s the topic that teachers most frequently request that we blog about. So, I’m very glad that you brought it up.
    Since it is so important to teachers I decided to change next week’s topic to this question. Also, it will be nice for the grading posts to be in subsequent weeks. I just sent out the email to the MS math teacher bloggers about the change. Hopefully we will get many posts (and new ideas) next week! Thanks so much! 🙂

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