I’m Presenting Online at Global Math, Infusing Math Class with Google Documents, this Tuesday!

Come and see how Google Documents can transform your mathematics class and inspire your students!  This Tuesday at 9PM EST I’ve got the entire hour to teach you all about how I use Google Documents almost every day in my math classroom.  Click here to pre-register or just show up on Tuesday night at 9pm and enter the conference.  I love the Global Math format as everyone can “chat” and ask questions while I am presenting.

This session is for teachers that are new to Google Documents as well as experienced users.  I will be showcasing many examples of my Google documents as well as student work.

I will explain how to use the different Google Document software platforms for project work and collaboration in the mathematics classroom.  I will share my technology based projects that encourage students to be creative and allow students to differentiate their own learning.  I will also show how you can use these student generated projects as curriculum (and even homework) for future students.

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 12.28.57 AM

4 thoughts on “I’m Presenting Online at Global Math, Infusing Math Class with Google Documents, this Tuesday!

  1. I am sorry I missed your presentation; just reviewing your slides has sparked so many ideas for me. We have a set of iPads, not laptops. Do you know how to do all of this on an iPad? Do we have to use Google Drive, or go through Safari to Google Docs? Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

    • I haven’t had much luck working with Google Docs on iPads (or wiki’s for that matter). I’m so sorry! 😦 We were asked about going to iPads and I said no for that specific reason.

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