“Infusing Math Class with Google Docs” Slideshow

It’s always great fun presenting at Global Math!  If you want to actually hear the entire presentation (and all of the great questions that went with it), go to Global Math.

If you would like anything else, please let me know in the comments.

This presentation contains many examples of my Google documents as well as student work.

I explained how to use the different Google Document software platforms for project work and collaboration in the mathematics classroom.  I shared technology based projects that encourage students to be creative and allow students to differentiate their own learning.  I showed how you can use these student generated projects as curriculum (and even homework) for future students.

Finally, I talked about formulas and the amazing ImportRange function that allows you to import data from many spreadsheets into one!   This is great for organizing Concept scores.

12 thoughts on ““Infusing Math Class with Google Docs” Slideshow

  1. Man, I gotta stop skippin’ out on Global Math! Thanks for sharing it here too for us slackers. I also had a question about your idea for a “starting at the end” shared gdoc. How do you want to sort them? I think it should be by learning target rather than CCSS. Seems like it’d be easier to search that way. Thoughts?

  2. Hi Julie,

    Just watched your Global Math Dept presentation. I must have missed the link to the live binder you mentioned. Do you mind pointing me in the right direction?


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  4. Loved your examples but I have a request. Math teachers in my district want to see a student’s work. How can we use Google Docs to have kids manually demonstrate their logic. Easy on an ipad. Not so on a chrome book. Any suggestions?

    • Yes. However, they can use their parents account. Also, their parents can create an account with the parents information and birthday, and then the parent can give permission for the child to use it. This way, the parent can monitor the account as well.

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