Print Your Own Homework Passes – #myFavFriday

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Last year I created, laminated, and then cut out homework passes to give out for a Halloween treat instead of candy.  I intended to do this for Christmas as well, but it was so much work that I never got around to making anymore.  I hate laminating and cutting things out.  But, I did all of this work because I thought, “Once they turn them in, I can use them again!”  This did not work!  Some kids lost or did not use them.  Many of the ones that came back had been stored in their pencil cases and were pretty banged up or kinda – gross.  Plus, without names on them I sometimes forgot who had given them to me.  Yikes!  So, this summer, I got smarter!

I bought a pack of Avery Business Cards for just $8.79.  It has 250 cards in it!  Then, I just printed homework passes on them.  These cards were already precut, so I just had to break them apart.  This was effortless as they pretty much fell right apart.  I found a really cute font here.  I will have each student write their name on it when I give it to them.  I’m hoping this will work better!  They were about one hundred times easier for me to make!

I designed mine in Word.  I wanted them short and simple so I wouldn’t use up too much precious printer ink.  I did a Happy Birthday one bc I think that no one should have to do any work on their birthday!  And, it’s a pretty cheap gift for me to give out.  Here is the pdf if you just want to download it and print your own without having to design it.

Happy Birthday HW Pass


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